Tasty Tom Headlines GOWA @ 5

Renowned vitamins and fibre enriched tomato mix company, Tasty Tom has signed a sponsorship agreement with organizers of Ghana Outstanding Women Awards (GOWA) at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra.

And per the sponsorship agreement subject to renewal for an undisclosed amount, it makes the Tema-based company the title sponsor for the fifth edition scheduled for September 3 at the plush Tang Palace Hotel.

Brand Manager, Tasty Tom, Ewuresi Krampa, in her address said “Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix has been a sponsor of GOWA since its commencement in 2018. We have always supported GOWA in its bid to celebrate and honour Ghanaian women because our brand Tasty Tom seeks to do the same thing.”

She pointed out that “We know that sometimes women in all spheres of endeavours, especially in the third world in spite of their efforts are not appreciated as much as they should be. We at Tasty Tom everyday celebrate the strength and resilience of our Ghanaian women and encourage them to bring out their best and be strong, and therefore our tagline, “Strength Comes from Within.

“Our product has been strengthened with vitamins and fiber which allow women who use it to cook, to increase the nutritional value of their cooking and this is what sets our brand apart from others. Women in using Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix provide the strength that their families need because we know that that strength is in Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix. Our product is well known for its good colour, taste and thickness.”

The brand manager added, “I have been duly informed that the theme for this year’s GOWA is ‘The Revolution of Women Leaders as a powerhouse for World evolution”. I think that this theme is most appropriate for the times that we find ourselves in. It calls on us as women wherever we find ourselves, in whichever sphere and in whatever role that we find ourselves not just to be leaders but to be revolutionary in our thinking and be innovators.

“ In the company at which I work, Nutrifoods Ghana Limited, we are empowering women and challenging them to bring out their best by having women in leadership positions.

“We are supporting the awards with cash and products. Additionally, the SHERO of the year will get 6 months supply of Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix and Jollof Mix.”

CEO of GOWA Mrs Afua Asantewaa Aduonum expressed profuse thanks to the management of Tasty Tom for their continued support from day one till date saying, “We are indeed grateful for believing in us when no one saw the potential in us. You have been there for us through think and thin and we hope this fruitful marriage will grow as we travel along.”

The GOWA boss promised that plans are afoot to make this year’s event (fifth) an epochal one. Meanwhile, as part of activities marking the fifth-anniversary celebration, Team GOWA has embarked on many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, the recent being a symposium geared towards empowering women in Cape Coast and donation exercises.

Source: Ghana Web