Talensi Assembly fails to confirm nominee

Bolgatanga, The Talensi District Assembly in the Upper East Region on Monday failed to confirm the President’s nominee for the position of District Chief Executive (DCE).

Mr Christopher Boatbir Sonetieuna, the nominee, polled 19 votes out of the 30 votes cast representing 63.3 per cent.

One vote was rejected while 10 members voted against him and the nominee thus needed 20 votes to meet the two-thirds requirement to be confirmed.

The assembly is to sit in 10 days for a second and final round of voting to confirm the President’s nominee.

Per the electoral rules of the Assembly system, once the candidate fails to secure the votes of two-thirds of members present at a second round voting, he or she would be deemed to have exhausted his or her chances and the President may have to nominate another applicant.

Mr Rockson Ayine Bukari, the Regional Minister, who was present during voting to confirm the President’s nominee, appealed to the members of the Assembly to consider development for the area and put aside individual and political interests.

He urged the Assembly members to bury their differences and endorse the nominee.

At the Nabdam District Assembly, members of the house confirmed the president’s nominee, Madam Agnes Anamoo for the position of DCE.

The nominee polled 13 votes out of the 19 votes cast by the Assembly members representing 68.4; six members voted against her.

The Minister, who swore in the new DCE, urged her to ensure good governance to enhance development in the Nabdam area.

Madam Agnes Anamoo thanked the President and the Assembly members for the confident reposed in her.

Today’s victory is not just about Anamoo Agnes or the New Patriotic Party (NPP), it is a victory for all particularly those who have struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible she said

The election was conducted and supervised by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Source: Ghana News Agency