Supporting girls is critical for national development

Takoradi, Mrs Josephine Amoh, a child activist has called on parents, teachers and community leaders to consider the educational and social development of the girl child as a critical factor of ending poverty and achieving the SDGs.

She stressed the need for women empowerment particularly the young and upcoming girl child since the kitchen was no longer the place for women alone, noting that with the right support and encouragement the girl child could climb higher on the academic and social ladder and better contribute to family needs.

Mrs Amoh told the Ghana News Agency that parents and society must no longer tolerate evils against the girl child in the form of sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancy and neglect adding,” It is time parents and community leaders stopped matters relating to these malpractices against the girl child.

She advocated that more stringent plans and programmes be put in place to protect the girl child and provided them with their needs.

“Women are going places these days, we have women lawyers, journalists, politicians and governors and parents and stakeholders must dream of having more women in influential positions”, she added.

Mrs Amoh also a former Regional Director for the Department of Children said education was the only developmental tool to change the fortunes of all sexes especially the woman since most social activities revolved around her.

“It is only necessary that men become conscious of this and rather lend a helping hand to the training and development of the girl Child whom they relied on to manage their homes and children… Without formal education these purposes could not be achieved “.

Source: Ghana News Agency