Students urged to learn about practical aspect of their courses

Accra – Students of tertiary institutions have been urged to learn about the practical aspect of their respective courses.

This would enhance their chances of getting employed in the actual job market.

Mr. Santokh Singh Ram, Managing Director of the Multimedia group, said this last night, at the official launch of the Fifth Anniversary celebration of the GH Media School in Accra.

He said besides having academic qualifications, fitting in with the actual demands of the job was very much needed, to ensure a successful career.

Mr Ram commended the institution for having lecturers who were mainly from the practical field of journalism and said, that served as a good start for the students.

Mr Ekow Blankson, Managing Director of TV Africa, urged the students to strive and be as relevant as possible, once they entered the real world of work.

He said for a person who was new on the job, it was important to be humble and very tolerant, in order to learn from those with more experience.

“Try to have some sympathy for the job you do. Have the right attitude,” Mr Blankson said.

Mr Albert Tuffuor, Managing Director of the Atinka Media Village, reminded the students, that it was important for them to spend their time profitably, saying, “as students, every moment of your time counts”.

He urged them to do as much research and reading on their own as possible, because the real path towards becoming a scholar was through ones own desire to seek knowledge, and not just what one was taught by lecturers.

Mr Tuffour said the success of students in the real world, mainly depended on their ability to have a good understanding of how things worked.

He observed that this could only be achieved through sufficient learning.

Mr Leslie Addo Listowell, Rector of GH Media School, said the institution sought to produce journalists who were equipped with practical journalistic skills.

He said this governed the school’s curricula, adding that the institution’s administration had on board many more innovations to improve upon what was already being done.

Themed, “Bridging the gap between Industry and the Academia,” the weeklong celebration involves a number of activities including a career seminar, a fun trip, a durbar and a thanks giving service among others.

Source: Ghana News Agency