Strong front needed to eliminate corruption – Prof. Adei

Accra, Professor Stephen Adei, a former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Public Administration (GIMPA), says the fierce battle against illegal mining, is the kind needed to effectively fight corruption in the country.

He said this was because, we often have an unprecedented bunch of greedy people in politics, who must be confronted.

Prof. Adei said this on Tuesday, at the opening of a two-day Photo Exhibition by the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL).

He said as a political party, you win an election with the view to transform the country, not to plunder whilst the losing party also awaits its turn to do the same.

Prof. Adei said civil society played a huge role in the fight against corruption, as well as the quest for good leadership, adding that through technological advancement such as social media, it was possible to be much more effective in the effort.

He urged political leaders to ensure, that they were always in touch with the genuine concerns of the people, saying emotional intelligence is important. If you lose touch emotionally with your people, your political life is cut short.

The former GIMPA rector said the time had come to build leaders, who could resist the temptation to use public office for personal gain, men and women of integrity.

He said in the present age, the role of traditional leaders needed to be largely tuned towards the goals of the state.

Prof. Adei said the country’s traditional leaders were much more important than recognized, and could be a great tool in turning around the fortunes of the country.

He said political leadership, however, had the greatest responsibility towards ensuring socio-economic progress, adding that both the government and opposition had the responsibility of ensuring that the country was properly steered towards its goals and aims.

Dubbed, 60 Years of Independence through The Lens of Graphic, the exhibition, seeks to recall outstanding events in the country over the last 60 years, in pictures.

With a strong representation of notable political events, the key aim of the fair is to strengthen and re-awaken patriotism amongst the citizenry.

Source: Ghana News Agency