Stratcomm Africa’s COVID-19 related cartoon episode “GYAE SAA” released

Accra Strategic Communications Africa Limited (Stratcomm Africa), has released “GYAE SAA” (stop that behavior), an episode in the Koo the COVID prefect cartoon series.

The series is to encourage society not to stigmatise those who have been infected with COVID-19.


A statement issued by Stratcomm Africa said since May 2020, the Company Stratcomm has been producing and disseminating the cartoon series “Koo the COVID Prefect” to educate the public about the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the Government’s directives.


It said the series helps to break down the guidelines and directives in a manner that facilitates among the general public, ownership and sustained practice of the behaviours associated with the guidelines and directives.


The cartoon series highlights the roles that individuals, communities and duty bearers need to play in order to help reduce the spread of the virus.


“Stratcomm Africa recognises the extent to which stigma and discrimination are interfering with the practice of required behaviours, such as reporting symptoms for testing, effectively self-isolating or staying in quarantine,” it added.


The statement said “GYAE SAA” episode sends out the message against stigma and discrimination through an everyday community situation and the feedback obtained through a scientific pretest of the material has been very positive.


It said salutes individuals and organisations that were collaborating with it in this public education effort.


They include, BUSAC Fund which is disseminating the messages through businesses associated with it.


It said medical facilities such as Trust Hospital were airing the series on TV screens at all their facilities and TroTro TV was also airing the cartoon series on its screens in 300 Tro Tro vehicles.


“Akoo books is sharing audio versions of the series on its platforms,” it added.


It said the series was been broadcast on a number of television stations and online portals across the entire country.


Papa Kwaku Osei, Brand Communication Manager of Stratcomm Africa said “As an organization with a focus on employing communication as a tool to stimulate socio-economic development, we see the need to help use communications to address the COVID-19 pandemic.”


“Although we have had to rely on our own resources, we are fueled by our corporate purpose- To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with us and this continues to sustain us,” he said.


He said the Organisation has used its expertise to generate the content and its partners help to disseminate the content widely through their respective channels.


He said these were in addition to channels that Stratcomm Africa itself was employing in respect of this initiative, as we all stand together to overcome the virus.


He called on all persons interested in joining this collaboration to help with this public education about COVID related stigmatization and other issues to contact the Organisation.


Source: Ghana News Agency

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