Stop Israel from going ahead to demolish Red Khan – Palestinian Embassy

Accra, The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Accra, has called for increased international pressure to stop Israel from going ahead with the planned demolition of Red Khan, in the West Bank, east of Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Sunday that the village will be evacuated.

This came hours after his office announced that the planned evacuation would be delayed indefinitely amid new talks between the government and the village’s residents.

The delay drew angry responses from Jewish Home party lawmakers, who called the decision infuriating and outrageous.

In a statement to the press alongside US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who was visiting Israel, Netanyahu said, Khan al-Ahmar would be evacuated.

That’s the decision of the court, that’s our policy, and it will be carried out. I have no intention of delaying indefinitely, unlike what the press is reporting, but for a limited and short period.

The Embassy in a statement, warned against any such step and said should the Prime Minister go ahead, there would be consequences.

It condemned the court ruling and said the Israeli Supreme Court had over the years proven to be an executive arm of the occupation government and an integral part of its system.

The court, it added, had been providing the legal cover with respect to the establishment of illegal settlements, land seizures, demolitions and forced displacement of the Palestinians.

The statement said any postponement or suspension of the implementation of the court’s decision on the Red Khan by the Israeli Government was only a ruse – to numb international reaction.

Nobody should fall for that trick considering the fact that, this threat is still present against our people in the Red Khan and that the danger is imminent and will not stop, as confirmed by Netanyahu himself.

The Embassy condemned what it said was the escalation of violence against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, killings and maiming of people of all ages including children.

It also criticized the United States Administration for its blind bias towards the occupation and its settlement policies.

Source: Ghana News Agency