Stop blaming the devil for your failures – Moderator

Accra, Christians have been urged to be sure they are free of blame, before accusing the devil and other unseen forces for their failures.

We all have our unique excuses that prevent us from achieving our best, in the midst of our God-given potentials and opportunities available to us for our growth and development.

The Right Reverend Dr. Seth Senyo Agidi, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian (E. P.) Church, said this at the opening of the Eighth General Assembly of the Church in Accra on Thursday.

It is on the theme: Breaking New Grounds Revisited, Now It’s Our Turn.

He noted that many Christians were always waiting on the Lord, even when it is so clear that the Lord has given the go ahead.

The Rt. Rev Agidi said excuse making, in the form of vindications and explanations to cover up our failures so we do not look bad, was also another habit that Christians needed to do away with.

He said negative tendencies such as fear, laziness, procrastination and playing the blame game had to be entirely done away with, because they were the key enemies of progress.

The E. P. Church Moderator said God had endowed us with gifts, talents as well as unlimited opportunities and potentials to break new grounds, produce goods and services and create new things.

He said if advanced technological innovation such as space and air travel amongst others could be achieved in other parts of the world, why should we be finding it difficult in Ghana and Africa, to develop massively and improve upon our mission and ministry, as well as our socio-political and economic conditions?

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Agidi said the theme for the occasion, signified a call to go beyond the ordinary in God’s ministry, to bring about a dramatic change, a renewal and transformation that would better the lives of people both in and out of the Church.

He said the E.P. Church, in the light of this, had developed a new strategic plan with new vision, mission and core values, to meet the needs and changing demands of our times.

The strategic plan has provision for the development of our human resources, conditions of service, financial and other resource mobilization, to improve upon our creative abilities in the business of breaking new grounds, said Rt. Rev Agidi.

I therefore call on all members to take seriously all that has been incorporated into the strategic plan, for effectiveness and efficiency in our ministry and mission in the Church and in our communities, he said.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, graced the occasion as the Special Guest of Honour.

Source: Ghana News Agency