Standing committee settles Gomoa Abaasa chieftaincy dispute

Gomoa Ajumako (C/R)- The Standing Committee of the Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Area presided over by its President, Obrempong Yamfo Krampah XI, has successfully settled a six-year old chieftaincy dispute at Gomoa Abaasa.

The effort was to restore lasting peace and reconciliation among citizenry and also to bring total unity to promote the development of the town, Obrempong Yamfo Krampah, Omanhene of Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Area, said.

Speaking to the press after the settlement, Obrempong Yamfo Krampah, who is also the President of the Central Region House of Chiefs, advised the chief of Abaasa, Nana Okwadum Atta IX, Sub-Chiefs, heads of family and the youth to focus on matters that would bring progress to the town.

I am using my powers as overlord of Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Area to settle this dispute once and for all in order to bring quality living standards to the citizens.

The other standing committee members are Nana Essoun Abonyi Kwanta II, Nana Afodua Essen VII, Nana Otseiku Baah XIII, Nana Odum Amanfo IV.

The Omanhene called on Nana Okwadum to respect the sub-chiefs, the queen mother and heads of families.

He also called on the sub-chiefs and heads of families, queen mother and the youth of Abaasa to recognize Nana Okwadum Atta as their chief and accord him the respect he deserves.

The Omanhene said there is no need to allow the spirit of deceit, hatred, selfishness and the pull-him-down attitude to override their priorities.

The Omanhene urged Abusuapanyin Kwabena Kwansah of Abaasa to use his talent and expertise to unite the entire people and warned the youth against insulting and disrespectful behaviour which were contrary to the cultural values of the Gomoas.

Nana Okwadum Atta expressed gratitude to Obrempong Yamfo Krampah and the standing committee members for settling the dispute amicably.

He called on the people of Gomoa Abaasa including sub-chiefs and the youth to forgive each other in order to advance plans to institute an educational endowment fund to support needy but brilliant students in the area.

He said education is key to human development and poverty reduction and they must all support the effort to improve the human resource of Abaasa for its accelerated growth.

For more than six years, Nana Okwadum Atta, sub-chiefs, the youth and heads of clans were engaged in a serious chieftaincy dispute that created divisions and retarded progress in the area.

Source: Ghana News Agency