Somali PM appoints ministers in reshuffle

MOGADISAHU- Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire appointed five cabinet ministers and one deputy minister in a reshuffle announced on Sunday.

In the changes, Khaire appointed AbdullahiGodahBarre, a former minister for interior in the previous administration, as education minister, replacing Abdirahman Mohamed, who was sacked in July.

The prime minister also moved some ministers from their portfolios. Khaire named AbdullahiBidhaan, a new entrant in the government, to head the fisheries docket.

AbdukadirBaqdadi was also newly appointed to take charge as state minister in the presidency.

Khaire, who did not make ministerial appointment of humanitarian affairs docket, moved Sheikh Nuur Mohamed from religious affairs ministry to livestock docket, which was under Hussein Sheikh Hussein.

The prime minister, who has since left the country for an official visit to Sudan, also appointed Shawaqar Ibrahim Abdalla as deputy minister of labor.

Khaire gave no reasons for the new appointments, which come amid increased attacks by al-Shabab terrorists.

Source: Ghana News Agency