Social activist warns of the highest uprising risk since 1979.

As the plight of the silent and less privileged majority of Ghana continues to worsen, and with the culture of vigilantism undermining law and order, a social activist has defined the political atmosphere in Ghana as chaotic, saying that this is something the government needs to take seriously.

The risk of a political uprising is higher now than at any time since 1979 Vincent Letsa Kobla Djokoto, President of the Ghana Youth Conference, told Data Politico.

V. L. K. Djokoto pointed to several factors: a national depression as a result of a struggling economy, disappointment in the political establishment of the 4th Republic, the emergence of youth-oriented political pressure groups, private sector forces and technology.

He has appealed to youth-oriented civil societies to keep their protests non-violent while ardently pushing for a new frontier of leadership.

Source: Modern Ghana