Smartphone enthusiasts disclose reasons for preferring HUAWEI P30

Accra Some smartphone enthusiasts have disclosed that they preferred HUAWEI P30 smartphone to others as it was one of the few small-sized smartphones that perfectly combined a flagship performance while maintaining a compact design.

According to a statement signed and copied to the Ghana News Agency by Integriti News Agency, the HUAWEI P30, together with other smartphones like iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10 delivered a powerful and portable experience to users.

However, it said, the HUAWEI P30 in particular, featured almost the same camera performance as the HUAWEI P30 Pro, while packed into a sophisticated compact design.

Together with industry-leading battery life and best telecommunication and gaming experience, the HUAWEI P30 is the king of compact flagship smartphones.

The smartphone has a compact and easy-to-hold body, challenging the ultimate design process with good balance of screen and body that secures a more powerful performance in a smaller design.

The statement said generally, users preferred a larger screen design, which could be good for visibility, however, a smaller phone could be more comfortable to hold on to and in order to reach the appropriate balance between the two, HUAWEI developed a new minimal bezel screen panel for the ‘HUAWEI P30’.

It explained that the display has 3.17mm wide bezels on the left and right, while the top bezel is only 3.68mm wide with the body being 7.57mm thick, weighing 165g.

Among smartphones with same body size, the HUAWEI P30 has proven to be the thinnest, lightest and most comfortable design that users could hold and control with just a hand.

It also has better specifications regarding width, thickness, weight, battery volume, and other aspects, the statement said, adding that, due to its thin bezel processing techniques and dewdrop display design, the 6.1-inch HUAWEI P30 brings a higher screen-to-body ratio.

The smartphone has a lighter and thinner than the 5.8-inch iPhone XS, and provides a much wider viewing area and longer battery life for consumers.

According to the statement, HUAWEI P30 has a similar but thinner body size when compared to other smartphones with its 3650mAh battery being larger than that of some popular brands in the market.

With regard to colours, HUAWEI P30 integrates the ultimate technology and design aesthetics, capturing the beauty of salt flats on the back of the device.

It is available in Breathing Crystal, Amber Sunrise, Pearl White, Black and Aurora.

The HUAWEI P30 Amber Sunrise variant, echoes the Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year, ‘Living Coral,’ it said.

By using an inkjet micron-grade printing process capable of producing the thickest coatings to bring the colors to life, the coating was created with 15 processes, including the application of nine layers of nano optical color finish to create the gradient segment, the statement noted.

The compact and thin body of the HUAWEI P30 sports a large 3650mAh battery that supports a 22.5W SuperCharge giving the smartphone a long battery life.

It explained that the smartphone has a battery volume of P30 (3650mAh) > S10 (3400mAh) > iPhone XS (2658mAh) and a SuperCharge Power of P30 (22.5W SuperCharge) > S10 (15W) = iPhone XS (5W).

The statement disclosed that a battery life heavy usage test conducted in a HUAWEI Lab proved that HUAWEI P30 was equal to eight to 10 hours heavy usage on most popular smartphones in Africa and beyond.

Source: Ghana News Agency