Sikakrobea denies issuing non-VAT invoices

Our attention has been drawn to a circulation on your twitter handle in respect of our company Sika Kroabea being labeled as non-compliant with regards to issuance of Vat invoices to customers at our North Industrial area branch.

This publication has put us in the eyes of the public as a company that does not comply with statutory payment which is not correct.

As a company we have complied with all statutory payment due the government and have been given permission by your authority to issue computer generated invoice per attached letter from your office for VAT, NHIS, and WHT with REF: LTO/DC/TP/07/2022 for which we file all our returns accordingly and pay to the state the total amount payable on the date schedule for such payments.

In view of this we request your office to do the needful by withdrawing our name attached to the publication on your twitter handle citing us for non-issuance of Vat invoice since it is false and must be treated as such.

We trust-eur Disclaimer will be treated with the urgency it requires



Source: Ghana Web