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Accra� Christians were on Sunday encouraged to consider obstacles in life as a divine means to grow their faith in God and also propel them to a greater heights in life.

Reverend Father, Winfred Charles Lwanga Tawiah Jr, Assistant Parish Priest of the Saint Theresa’s Catholic Church speaking at a service to climax Easter celebration said it was a divine process in the life of every Christian to face a challenge toughen them.

Often when believers encounter problems in life, they are quick to say that God has disserted them. If there was no cross and crucifixion on Good Friday we would not have a resurrection on Sunday, he noted.

Easter is the time of the Christian year where Christians remember the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus, who they believe was the son of God, died for everyone’s wrong-doings and then came back to life three days later to defeat death and evil

Reflecting on the first reading, which was taken from the books of Acts, he explained that Simon Peter, a disciple of Jesus who experienced the resurrection could not hide his feeling about it but informed people that Jesus who was said to be dead had returned to life again.

How amazing this news was to them that heard it. We too, like Peter, must share this experience with our friends and families, so they too will be amazed by it.

Our amazement is extraordinary because it comes from heaven if we are brought to new life with Christ, it means from now on, only the things from heaven can bring us true happiness. Our attitude to worship and to do the things of God must be better than it used to be, he said.

The Assistant Priest explained that Easter was a season that Christians in the whole world celebrate to signify the redemption obtained sin destroyed, death overcome, divine life brought back to us, the resurrection of our body that is promised immortality.

Reverend Father Tawiah noted that the resurrection of Christ was the judgment and condemnation of those who had turned away from God and assured that they would be pardoned if they turned away from their iniquities.

Source: Ghana News Agency