Seven terrorists surrender to Algerian military

ALGIERS- Seven armed militants laid down their weapons and surrendered to the Algerian army on Wednesday, the Algerian Defence Ministry said in a statement.

These terrorists laid down their arms, including six machine guns, a sniper rifle and 11 loaded magazines, on Wednesday morning to the military authorities in the province of Tamanrasset, near the border with Mali and Niger.

The statement has released the identity of the terrorists who have taken part in terrorist operation since 2008.

Algeria has deployed tens of thousands of troops on the southern and eastern borderline, in a bid to thwart the intrusion of terrorists and arms, amid instability reigning in Mali and civil war hitting Libya.

The North African nation has also opened safe routes along its southern border, to encourage Algerian militants who joined terrorist fiefs in the Sahel, to lay down arms, in exchange of fair trials.

Located in a region plagued by unprecedented security and political instability, Algeria faces ongoing terrorist threats.

Source: Ghana News Agency