Sefwi Wiawso Gets Computer Lab

School children in Sefwi Wiawso Municipality of Western-North Region now use a computer for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) lessons. It follows inauguration of a model laboratory and library complex funded by mining firm, Chirano Gold Mines.

Teachers and children have, until the opening of the facility, studied the subject in abstract, unlike their urban peers.

Schools in Sefwi Wiawso and surrounding communities have studied ICT only by theory because they never had a computer.

Both teachers and students had it tough teaching and learning the subject.

The facility and its benefits

Chirano Gold Mines decided to respond to their cry, with the provision of a fully-furnished 30-seater computer laboratory and library.

Internet connection will aid over one thousand children in beneficiary communities to interact with the rest of the world.

Separate children and adult Libraries, together with the ICT Centre cost Chirano Gold Mines 220, 000 dollars to set up, which is part of the Mine’s corporate social responsibility.

At a ceremony to hand over the project, General Manager, Adriano Sobeira, says it has consistently lived its core value which is putting people first.

This is something we want to do and get involved in, because not only is it our social responsibility but the right thing to do to ensure that students have all the facilities available to be able to progress in life.

He is positive that the ICT centre will allow the learners as they go through the system to become not only learners but strategic thinkers.

“In order to solve most of the social problems in the country , we need to educate to the best of our ability, with the best resources possible for our upcoming generation. What the country needs are people that can take strategic decisions.

Pupils who touched a computer for the first time demonstrated genuine excitement.

I will put it into practice so that I can get more experience than on the board because those who didn’t use computers have even passed how much more me who will use the computer, I think I can do better, one of them happily explained.

Municipal Education Director

Municipal Education Director, Thomas Acheampong, says the ICT centre will bridge the digital gap between rural children and their peers in the city.

According to him, The ICT centre has come to play a critical role in the sustainable growth and development of students’ and other learners in the municipality .

ICT is one of the fastest growing industries in Ghana’s economy which is most promising and flourishing in the country but the same cannot be said in the Sefwi Wiawso Municipality.

Mr Acheampong explains that to ensure that the municipality keeps space in the rapidly changing technological development in Ghana’s ICT industry, deliberate policies and strategies should be put in place to ensure the sustainability of this facility.

by this I am referring to how it will be managed. The use of the equipment and gadgets and their maintenance must be a priority to each and everyone in the municipality.

He advised all stakeholders including parents, to take interest in how their children will use the internet to avoid their becoming part of the internet menace.

Consider how ICT will contribute to your child’s problem solving and thinking skills.

Educational Support and future plans

Chirano Gold Mine has been very supportive in the area of infrastructure as well as capacity building in its catchment areas.

It has built 8 schools and 9 ICT centres in Chirano, Akaaso, Anyinasie, Subri, Aboduabo, Paboase, Etwebo, Akoti and Kunkunso.

Future plans for the community include a scholarship scheme for Sefwiman, which he says will exceed the Mine’s catchment area.

In 2019, Mr Sobreira says the company will focus on providing furniture to schools within the catchment area.

Mr Sobeira is concerned about maintenance of the facility for which he appealed to community leaders and the local assembly.

Meanwhile, MCE for Sefwi Wiawso, Louis Owusu Agyapong commended the company for promoting quality ICT education, saying it is a good start to the development of the new Western North Region.

The company’s dedication to the betterment of the Sefwi community continues to manifest in the many developmental projects, frequently embarked on to guarantee the region’s progress.

Source: Modern Ghana