Security personnel receive free health screening

Danfa (GAR), Danfa Health Centre, a public medical clinic in Accra, has organised a free health screening and medication exercise for police and military officers as part of its corporate social responsibility effort.

The screening exercise was conducted on a variety of health disorders including malaria, blood pressure and sugar levels among other ailments.

Drugs including anti-malaria, blood tonics, pain relievers, dewormers, antihypertensive, haematinic were given to the beneficiaries of the exercise.

The Danfa Health Centre is situated in Danfa, a community of more than 11,000 people in the La-Nkwantanang-Madina Municipality in the Greater Accra Region.

Mrs Aseye Apetsi, the Senior Physician Assistant in-charge of Danfa Health Centre, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said the free health screening was aimed at promoting healthy living among the security personnel to enhance their general wellbeing.

She said the clinic often organises free health screening and medication for the community members to respond to their health needs.

Mrs Apetsi said the community is a malaria endemic area hence malaria cases recorded at the clinic are very high.

She said the clinic has a strong control in treating malaria using the three T’s: treat, test and track.

Mrs Apetsi urged the community and the public to sleep under treated mosquito bed nets and keep their environment clean for the purpose of malaria prevention.

She exhorted the public to exercise regularly since it serves as a pain killer to the body as well as attending to regular medical checkups.

She commended La-Nkwantanang District Director, Malaria Control, NGOs, the Regional Director, staff and participants for their enormous efforts for the success of the programme.

The beneficiaries participated in a three kilometre walk to improve their fitness, strength and burn some calories.

Source: Ghana News Agency