Schools urged to inculcate creativity in children

Navrongo- Ms Christen Wassmer, a Swiss educationist has reiterated the need for the Ghanaian education sector to inculcate creativity in school children to enable them explore their potentials and build upon their inner attitudes and passions.

Ms Wassmer who is also a school trainer and initiator of the Plastic Bag Action Day that was observed at Elisha Preparatory school in Navrongo in the Kassena Nankana Municipal in February, said the School system followed strict instructions, and also made children follow strict rules and therefore allowed them little room to explore their potential and creativity.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Navrongo, Ms Wassmer said when such children were on their own, they recoiled into a stage of helplessness and did nothing to help themselves.

She said harnessing school children’s potential and helping them to be more creative, helped them to be in touch with nature as they worked towards their own development.

She said it was important for school children to be able to express themselves and contribute their views to champion development.

She said when children were given a hearing about the environment and their communities, they would feel confident and encouraged to explore their potentials for creativity.

Meanwhile, reacting to challenges Ghana faced with solving the plastic waste menace and indiscriminate littering of communities, Ms Wassmer said lack of awareness of the effects of plastic bags by communities was a major issue requiring redress.

She called for intensification of community sensitization on environmental issues and urged district assemblies to champion issues of sanitation in their jurisdictions.

She observed that one of the initiatives spearheaded by the Elisha Preparatory during the celebration of the plastic action day was a great step to creating the awareness in communities and helping the children to educate the public on the dangers of environmental pollution.

She therefore urged the assemblies not to let the occasion be a nine day wonder but find a lasting solution to plastic waste in communities.

Source: Ghana News Agency


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