School Management Committee condemns child labour at Bosuso

Bosuso (E/R) The Divine Wisdom Preparatory School Management Committee (SMC) at Bosuso in the Fanteakwa District of the Eastern Region has condemned the increasing rate at which parents allow school children to work for money.

They cart cocoa beans and food stuff from the farms and tap palm wine to sell at the market to make some money, instead of the parents encouraging them to study at home.

Mr Wisdom Awuah, the Proprietor of the Divine Wisdom Preparatory School, said this when he addressed an educational forum to sensitise parents on the need to allow their children to study whilst at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He called on parents to instil discipline and virtues in their children and also monitor and supervise their studies.

Mr Awuah said since education brought progress and development, he and his wife decided to establish the school to help train and cater for the kids whose parents normally sent them to help with farm activities as well as to the markets to sell.

He said the School had helped to curtail the habit of children loitering about in the mornings.

Source: Ghana News Agency