Ruth Seddoh Typifies NDC’s Culture of Violence

Prophesying that the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, would expire this year in the sort of self-glorifying manner that he has increasingly become quite notorious for was both indecent and provocative. But for Ms. Ruth Seddoh, the Deputy National Youth Organizer of the main opposition National Democratic Congress, to have unreservedly endorsed the visitation of the sort of wanton and satanic vandalism that was unleashed on one of the chapels of Rev. Isaac Owusu-Bempah, the founder and leader of the Glorious Word Ministries International, allegedly by some angry Muslim youths and supporters and sympathizers of the National Chief Iman, constitutes the height of intolerance of the most repulsive order (See Youth Who Attacked Owusu-Bempah’s Church ‘Were Rather Too Peaceful’ � NDC Organizer / 1/3/19).

Indeed, it cannot be gainsaid that if he really cared about the significant role played in both the Muslim community and Ghanaian society at large, the head of the Glorious Word Ministries International Church would have personally visited with Sheikh Sharubutu and prayed with the well-respected Muslim cleric for the poisonous cup of death to bypass him, that is, if that were even possible. But, of course, even as Sheikh Sharubutu, himself, poignantly observed in the wake of the vandalizing of Pastor Owusu-Bempah’s chapel, if Divine Providence decides to demand the life of any of his mortal human subjects anytime and on any day, there is absolutely nothing that anybody could do to avert the same. It is also quite obvious that Ms. Seddoh has absolutely no business holding herself up and off to the general public as the Deputy National Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress. Don’t get me wrong, My Dear Reader, Ms. Seddoh perfectly falls in place among the bloody ranks of the leadership of the revolutionary urchins and unconscionable thugs of the National Democratic Congress.

What Ghanaians need to wisely and soberly recognize is the incontrovertible fact that the NDC’s leaders are not the sort of vintage caliber of leadership that Ghanaians are in dire need of to facilitate the sort of constructive and civically responsible nation-building that they ravenously desire. You see, anybody who would rather have our youths pattern themselves after the cold-blooded cutthroat jihadist youths of Afghanistan had better prepare for war. I am quite certain that bluster and all, Ms. Seddoh is at heart a rabble-rousing poltroon like most of the rest of the megalomaniacal leaders of the National Democratic Congress. Her attitude is also clearly symptomatic of one who is afflicted with acute psychological imbalance and possible mental retardation. Indeed, when any Ghanaian leader so cavalierly presumes to truck with some of the most desperate and morally bankrupt antisocial elements in some of the most politically and culturally violent societies in the world, it is time for the leaders of our national security agencies to sit straight and be on the alert.

It goes without saying that Ms. Seddoh’s mindset strikingly reflects the nature and sort of populist ideology upon which the foundation of the Rawlings-fangled National Democratic Congress was established. The rabid ideology of populism primarily seeks to mischievously use the raw and unrefined and untutored energies of our youths for the achievement of the selfish objectives and the wanton exploitation of our collective societal wealth for the exclusive benefit of the most privileged and powerful of any society. What strategic and/or comprehensive human-resource agenda do rabble-rousing populist leaders like Ms. Seddoh have for the Muslim youths who allegedly vandalized the property of Rev. Owusu-Bempah’s Glorious Word Ministries International Church? And, of course, the most obvious and logical and incontrovertible answer is absolutely zilch!

We are talking about a self-proclaimed group of social democrats who believe in the reservation of access to our Senior High Schools for the exclusive benefit of the sons and daughters of the filthy rich and the most powerful citizens in Ghanaian society like themselves. Indeed, even as Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu wisely and charitably observed recently, latter-day prophets like Mr. Owusu-Bempah ought to be forgiven for so vaingloriously presuming to have the divine authority to publicly and pontifically determine the fate of their fellow humans. You see, democracy is no license for the creation of fear, panic and social unease in the name of God or Divine Providence, let alone for mind-control and moral self-glorification.

Source: Modern Ghana