Right Alliance Africa calls on EC to stop compilation of voters register amidst COVID-19 crisis

Right Alliance Africa as a matter of urgency is calling on the Electoral Commission (EC) to suspend plans to conduct the new Biometric Voters Register which slated to take place from 18 April in the wake of the pandemic coronavirus.

On Thursday, March 12 2020, the Ghana Health Service announced to the general public the first two confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID – 19) in the country.

The notice was accompanied by advice to the general public to avoid gatherings and any crowded places as well as to take precaution to avoid contracting the virus which is very contagious.

Earlier on Sunday, 15th March, 2020, at 1.00 pm, at a press conference held by the Ministry of Information, it was announced that there have been 100 suspected cases of coronavirus recorded within the past three days with 6 of the cases having been confirmed. It was also confirmed that one of the cases of the virus concerns a University of Ghana student.

The EC biometric registration exercise is a public health concern at this time of the COVID-19 crisis. Public gathering has been banned and we have been admonished by the health authority to avoid bodily contact with people.

The conduction of the new biometric voters’ register will not inure to the health safety of the registrants since it would entail the public to gather, queue to register as voters, and they would have contacts with the Biometric Voters Register (BVR) device which might be infected with the virus.

We are on this note calling on the EC to take precaution to suspend the plans to conduct the new Biometric Voters Register until government brings the COVID-19 under control and prevention.

Source: Ghana Web