Representatives of proposed Oti Region presents final evidence to Commission

Accra, – Dr Kwaku Addeah, Spokesperson for the people of the proposed Oti Region Friday said, in exercise of their constitutional rights, the chiefs and queen-mothers petitioned the President for the creation of a new region in June 2017.

He said the petition to the Justice Brobbey Commission on the Creation of New Regions triggered various actions by the President, the Council of State, the Commissioner, as well as some individuals whose long-term vision apparently is diametrically opposed to theirs.

Dr Addeah said the need to create the region and its characteristics such as their locations, land with its boundaries, populations, natural and economic resources and the ethnic compositions were well captured in the petition.

He made the point at the last presentation of the people of the area to the commission buttressing his point for the creation of the Oti Region

He said the creation of the regions did not just exist in the mind of the people but the commission in moving around the towns in the Volta region, particularly in Ho, Ketekrachi, Nkwanta, Wassaw and Jasikan to have first hand information.

Dr Addeah said the regions were created to facilitate public administration and development in communities and noted that the people of the proposed Oti Region have other agenda than its primary goal to promote good development.

Parents expects their children to attend good schools, Citizens expects to travel on good motorable roads and to have good public health facilities but by 1970 realised that they had been deceived, he said.

Out of 17 public hospitals in the region 13 are in the south and four in the north, out of 96 senior high schools, the South have 76 and 20 in the north, Out of 25 District Assemblies in the region 17 are in the south while eight are in the north, and with the 585 kilometres of tiled roads in region, 425 kilometres are in the south.

Six high courts in the southern part of the region, none in the northern part, and most of the cocoa in the region are grown in the north but the regional cocoa office is in the south, out of the 20,000 kilometres square of land in the Volta region the North occupies 58.9 per cnt while the south occupies 41 percent, he said.

The Spokesperson said these shows that there have been a systematic skewed action of development in the region and that the structures of development of the entire region have failed, hence the need for other options which is the creation of the Oti Region.

He said; We as a people must tell the government what we need, once we tell the government what we need and the government finds our need important, it is its responsibility to help us and I believe even setting up a commission to perform this duty is a realisation by government that it is aligned to this responsibility, and we pray to God and government top speed up the process.

Dr Addeah said the justifiable need supported by the people for the creation of the Oti region was to promote the peoples development, equitable distribution of the natural resources and the equal development of the country.

There were representative of the North-Tongu and Kpandai Districts including students, teachers, legal practitioners, chiefs, queen mothers and farmers who all spoke in support of the creation of the region.

Others present were Dr. Archibald Letsa, the Volta Regional Minister, Dr Yaw Obed Asamoah, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Mr John Manish, and Member of Parliaments for Krachi Nchumuru.

The Commission was inaugurated in October, last year, by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, upon his assumption of office and is receiving petitions from four regions; Western, Volta, Brong Ahafo, and Northern, calling for separation of the regions.

Source: Ghana News Agency