REGSEC issues directives for late Kpantinga Chief’s funeral

The Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC) has issued directives to all parties involved in the performance of the final funeral rites of the late Chief of Kpatinga, Naa Bapra Kpating-Lana Ziblim Sheini, to ensure trouble free and successful funeral.

They are to strictly observe and comply with prohibitions including the carrying of dangerous weapons such as guns and ammunitions of all types, to ensure peace at Kpatinga in the light of the impending funeral to be performed in the area from 15th to 23rd January, this year.

The directive, which was contained in a statement issued by REGSEC and signed by Mr Salifu Saeed, Caretaker Northern Regional Minister, and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Tamale on Thursday, said “The carrying of rifles, dangerous offensive weapons and any live ammunition is strictly prohibited by any person or group of persons within Kpatinga or from outside into the area. This will be vigorously enforced by the Security Agencies”.

It said “Any person or group of persons with any intention of fomenting trouble during the funeral is advised to stay away from the area”.

It added that “Firing of any musketry at the funeral should be done only on the precincts of the Palace and should be done only with local traditionally manufactured guns”.

The late Chief of Kpatinga in the Gushegu Municipality of the Northern Region, Naa Bapra Kpating-Lana Ziblim Sheini, died in August, 2020 and his final funeral rites will be performed from 15th to 23rd of this month.

However, Kpatinga has been relatively peaceful following protracted chieftaincy dispute in the area and it is feared that some people may want to cause trouble during the funeral rites hence, REGSEC’s directives.

According to the directives, “The Security Agencies will deal decisively with any person or group of persons, who will attempt to foment trouble in the area.”

It said “REGSEC advises all those, who will participate in the funeral performance, to strictly adhere to the directives”.

Source: Ghana News Agency