Rapid development in ICT poses challenges

Beijing- Rapid development in information and communication technology poses both challenges and opportunities to the media industry worldwide.

The challenges they argued included; the abuses in using it for fraudulent activities and cybercrimes, while opportunities included; the smart ways of accessing knowledge and information.

Mr Yan Chengsheng, Deputy Director-General, International Cooperation Department of the China National Radio and Television Administration, made the observation at the opening of a seminar for senior media practitioners from African countries.

The seminar, jointly organised by China International Development Agency and the Research and Training Institute (RTI) of the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) aims at providing a platform for the participants to exploit new developments and challenges facing the media industry in the digital era.

It also aims at providing opportunity for the participants to learn more about China’s media industry and play an active role in promoting exchanges, cooperation and shared development of the media in both sides.

The cooperation fora on media between China and African countries had enhanced the broadcasting of each other’s programmes and worked on co-production, promoting mutual understanding and relationship, he added.

Mr Chengsheng said African countries could follow the Chinese example by improving the traditional media with fast transmitting and wider coverage in order to play a better role of prompting economic, political, and social development to meet the growing needs of the citizenry.

He noted that African countries had undergone rapid improvement in economics, urbanisation and household consumption capacity by creating favourable environment for media upgrading and development.

He urged the participants to play their parts in promoting exchanges, cooperation, and shared development between both sides, and stressed that China was ready to deepen cooperation with African countries in programme broadcasting, news exchanges, technology innovation, and personnel training to share experience and development.

Source: Ghana News Agency