Ramadan: Muslims advised to get closer to Allah

Accra, Sheikh Dr Amin Bonsu, the National Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission (GMM), has urged Muslims to maintain their new state of being constantly closer to Allah through devotion to prayers, as they exit the month of Ramadan successfully.

He said Muslims should continue with their good deeds, read the Holy Quran frequently, show more love to the poor and needy by taking care of their needs and be peaceful wherever they found themselves.

The National Chairman of GMM said this known in a statement issued in Accra and copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), ahead of the 2022 Eid-Ul-Fitr celebration.

He said Muslims must establish good relations with all persons as exemplified by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and also use this year’s Ramadan and Eid -Fitr as a rallying point to stay united and focuse on spreading the good message of Islam to the rest of the world.

“As we pray for peace and blessings for our dear nation-Ghana, we urge educational and corporate Institutions to ensure that Muslims are granted equal rights and the freedom to practice their religion as enshrined in the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana”, it stated.

He entreated the Youth to celebrate the occasion humbly and solemnly with the fear of Allah.

He said: “What is more important is for the Ummah to join hands with leadership to support the development of educational, health and other Institutions and to create more sustainable jobs and help the suffering masses out of poverty.”

The statement noted that Ramadan, waa a great month filled with high spirituality, love, goodness, charitable acts, piety, more prayers and lots of kindness.

It said: “This activity is sanctioned by God Almighty in the Holy Quran (2:183) O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it is prescribed for those before you, that you may develop God-consciousness.

“This provides a great opportunity for Muslims to attain piety by observing the fast, doing more good, praying more and seeking for Allah’s mercies,” it said.

He prayed for peace in troubled parts of the world such as Syria, Lybia, Palestine, Ukraine, where vulnerable people, especially women and children were being tortured, starved and made to suffer all sorts of hardships as a result of war and conflicts.

Sheikh Bonsu reminded Muslims on the need to remain committed to the cause of Islam and asked that Allah accepted their prayers and granted them the best in “this world and the hereafter.”

Source: Ghana News Agency