Put love at the centre of holiness – Catholic Bishop

Tumu, (UW)- The Most Rev. Richard Kuuia Baawobr, the Catholic Bishop of the Wa Diocese, has advised Catholics to let love reign supreme in carrying out their daily activities to remain agents of change in their communities.

He gave the advice delivered a keynote address at the Catholic women and men annual general Congress at Tumu in the Sisaala East District.

The 5th Annual Congress of the Wa Catholic Diocesan Women/Men Association was attended by all the 28 Parishes in the Upper West region and was on the theme: Our call to holiness as Catholic women/men in the light of ‘Gaudate Exultate’ a Latin phrase, which means (REJOICE AND BE GLAD).

He said the church recognised some people as saints not because they were special than others, but the practical life they lived by showing love to their neighbours gave them exemplary lives worth emulating.

Married persons can be holy through the way they live their marriage life by remaining faithful to each other as captured in the scriptures. In order to live, the call to holy is to love among yourselves and holiness is reflected in the everyday life of our lives” he said.

The Bishop in reference to Pope Francis’ message said that sometimes, it is the modern communication tools that prevent mankind from listening to God’s voice and indicated that if such tools were used properly, mankind could attain the holiness that God wanted them to.

He said, That is the first point that Pope Francis tells us in his Apostolic exhortation on the call to holiness for everybody and there are many people who have been holy and who went before us, so we look up to them, and there are some who are next door neighbours who get inspiration from them.

Sister Benedicta Kpeba, the president of the Diocesan Society said despite the financial challenges confronting the association, when she assumed office in 2013, they were some successes chalked through donations of members and sometimes through her sacrifices.

She said the membership of the society saw a significant increase from 200 to 2,000 and advused her fellow women to be cautious of the rate of alcohol intake among women.

Source: Ghana News Agency