Pursuing Agriculture is no punishment – Agric Expert

An Agribusiness and International Development Management expert, Dr Alexander Nuer has charged stakeholders in the sector to make Agriculture appealing to the productive youth in the country.

In an exclusive interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) he expressed dismay that the Agricultural industry had over the years not seen an impressive influx of youth into the sector.


He attributed the anomaly to how Agriculture was introduced to the youth right from the early stages of their lives as a way of punishment in schools.


Dr Nuer, however, noted that Agriculture was one of the most important sectors of the country and needed more attention with resources and workforce.


He applauded the government’s campaign and efforts to attract the youth to venture into agriculture but pointed out that the laudable initiative will only be achieved if the subject was made appealing to them.


Dr Nuer told GNA, that it was essential for stakeholders in Education to repackage and restructure the educational module to introduce Agri-education right from primary school to senior High school.


“Another remedy to this situation is to provide creative avenues where new technologies are introduced in farming and agriculture at large to entice the masses of youth to venture into agriculture.


“This could be achieved when incentives are provided for the youth and are sponsored to go and learn from developed countries new technologies and techniques of farming that will enhance the sector” he added.


This he said would continually spur them on to develop a lasting interest in the sector to reduce the over-reliance on NGOs for short-term sensitisations.


He stressed the need for the youth to be adequately coached so they could see the importance of venturing into Agribusiness and entrepreneurship.


“Their ideas should also be accepted when they receive adequate training and an enabling environment created to entice them to venture into Agribusiness ”, he added.


On value addition, Dr Nuer recommended that government enhance the value and supply chain of raw materials locally for agro-based industries likewise exports.


According to him, the policy stated in the 2022 budget that farmers were given seeds for cultivation was commendable but agricultural commodities must go through a strengthened supply chain management as compared to previous years to achieve the expected development in Agricultural production for export.


“The challenge now is; how ready is the government and stakeholders to build the local capacity to man the most valuable tree crops under the policy “ he queried regretted.


Dr Nuer, advocated the correction of the existing imbalance in the value and supply chain system in the country and called for an organised value and supply chain which will improve the “Planting For Export and Rural Development” policy.


“The more we build the commodity supply chain, the better for us” he stated.


Source: Ghana News Agency

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