Public urged to ensure good sanitary conditions with onset of rains

Accra, The public has been urged to ensure good sanitary conditions in order to prevent disease out-breaks associated with the rainy season, such as cholera.

Mr Tetteh Portuphy, Head of the forecasting session of the Ghana Meteorological Agency, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview on Tuesday, that presently, the rainy season was nearing its peak, adding, we would be having an average of one down pour every three to four days now.

He said in the past week, the rain had been quite wide spread over the country, adding that Ada had recorded the highest rainfall of 80.7 millimetres (mm) during the period.

The senior Meteorologist said de-silting gutters and drains was also of utmost importance, because the rains would intensify when the season reached its peak.

He said this would help avoid preventable flooding and the loss of life and property that often went with it.

In the peak period of the rainy season, 100 mm to 150 mm is possible in a single day of rain-fall over a specific area, he said, adding, normally, a single day of rainfall could easily reach 80mm to 90mm.

The Senior Meteorologist said these figures indicated very heavy rain-fall.

Mr Portuphy said people staying in flood prone areas should take measures to ensure their safety, adding, there are known flood prone areas, and once the rains are here once more, people in such areas should take measures to ensure their safety.

Southern Ghana is currently experiencing its first and major rainy season.

Source: Ghana News Agency