Producers of official statistics urged to increase productivity

Accra, The 2018 User Satisfaction Survey was launched on Thursday with a call on producers of official statistics to increase their productivity to ensure that data were readily available for patronisation to foster national development.

The survey, jointly launched by Professor Robert Darbo Osei, a member of the Governing Board of the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) and Mr Baah Wadieh, the Acting Government Statistician, called on the GSS to provide leadership in the adherence to standards, definitions and concepts among statistics producing agencies.

Presenting the key findings and the recommendations, Mr John Kwabena Agyaho, a Principal Statistician with the GSS, said the GSS as the leader in the production of official statistics, should conduct training for officials responsible for statistics production in the various

Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies after assessing their training needs.

Mr Agyaho said producers of official statistics should strive to improve their efficiency by improving the quality of official statistics in terms of accuracy, timeliness and frequency of releases.

He said producers of official statistics needed to deepen their data dissemination strategies for statistics in order to facilitate their accessibility to users of their output.

The survey also recommended that efforts should be made to make releases calendar dates for statistical products available to users and religiously adhere to them, and that statistical literacy programmes should step up for users to enable them appreciate the happenings within the National Statistical System (NSS).

It also recommended that they upgrade statistical and Information Communication Technology infrastructure within the NSS to facilitate the production of quality, timeliness of statistical products.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Wadieh said the survey had the objectives that aimed at strengthening the NSS to be more responsive to the need of data users.

He said the objectives of the survey to among others; ascertain the effectiveness of the website of GSS and the other MDAs responsible for collecting administrative data.

He added that the survey was to determine new products and services produced, met the needs of users as well as assess statistics production institutions in terms of timely provision of statistical products and services.

He noted that the GSS’s website was currently being redesigned and as part of the transformation process, a beta version was being tested, working alongside the older version.

He, therefore, urged all MDAs to take a cue from the GSS and update their websites to benefit users of their data.

On his part, Prof Osei commended the GSS as it had provided useful feedback on not only user satisfaction of official statistics, but also whether the varied needs of users were being met.

He said statistics played a critical role not only in daily lives but also in policy making decisions, which demanded that as the need for evidence-based policy making had increased, there was the need for credible statistics.

Source: Ghana News Agency