Price volatility hits foodstuffs in Accra

Accra, Prices of some foodstuffs shot up leading to low patronage at the Makola Market in Accra.

Interacting with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Aremiyaw Issah, a 30-year old onion seller, who had been in the business for the past 14 years, said businesses were better in the previous year than this year due to price hike.

He said currently a sack of onion sold at GH470.00, one ‘Olonka’ goes for GH20.00 and the paint rubber bucket is sold GH30.00 as compared with last year when a sack went for GH450.00, ‘Olonka’ for G5.00 and the paint rubber bucket for GH25.00.

Mr Mohammed Zowk, a Lebanese, who had been selling rice and sugar for 12 years, said business was slow nowadays compared to last year.

According to him, he sold 25 kilogrammes perfumed rice for G62.00 and a bag of sugar for G60.00, which sold at lesser prices last year.

Mr Zowk was grateful for the current peace the country enjoys, which had enabled him to expand his business to Madina and Kasoa.

Ms Sarah Mensah, a local rice and maize seller, corroborated the slow nature of business this year and said the price of a bag of local rice ranged from G70.00, G40.00 and GH200.00, whilst a bag of maize went for GH220.00, with the Olonka going for GH5.00.

The GNA observed that a basket of tomatoes is sold for G20.00, a paint rubber of tomatoes for G2.00 and G0.00 depending on the size of the tomatoes.

Last year, a basket of tomatoes went for G00.00, a paint rubber for G0.00 and GH8.00, depending on the size.

Source: Ghana News Agency