President’s spokesperson pledges to be punctual

Accra, Mr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, the Spokesperson for the Presidency, has openly signed the punctuality pledge and called on all leaders in Ghana to encourage punctuality in their work places to increase productivity.

He articulated the President’s vision of developing the country through industrial expansion and growth and the role time management played in achieving productivity.

It is imperative that we manage time. Part of what the President said earlier is that when you go to work, you must be productive, he said.

Mr Mustapha who is also the Minister of Information said this at a Punctuality Ghana Open Endorsement forum held by the Wise Water Foundation in Accra.

He acknowledged that the issue of punctuality was predominant in the public sector, adding that the use of the social media during working hours was a bad work ethic prevailing and hampering productivity.

He charged the event organisers, business leaders, and lecturers not to tolerate lateness and exercise certain punitive actions by closing gates to events or doors to lecture halls when the time set for the event is due regardless of the number of attendees.

Mr Emmanuel Amarquaye, the Chief Executive Director of Wise Water Foundation drew government’s attention to ensure that workers were provided with the resources they require to work and deliver.

He noted that the government should consider decentralising the Accountant General’s Department from being the only pay master as workers would be more accountable if they were paid directly by their management based on punctuality, regularity and efficiency.

We can lock up the nation’s prosperity in long bureaucracies leading to loss of time and money.

The length of time to get land registered at the Lands Commission, getting a passport, or acquiring a driver’s license is demoralising he added.

The Wise Water Foundation is a non-governmental organisation established in 2008.

The foundation is embarking on a Punctuality Ghana project to expedient economic prosperity by committing to punctuality.

It intends to roll out various activities aimed at making the call to punctuality by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo a reality.

Some of the activities include unannounced attendant monitoring at work places, human signage, campaign floats and walks.

Source: Ghana News Agency