Powerful blast in front of Swedish police station

Accra, A powerful blast in front of a police station in the south-west Swedish town of Helsingborg caused serious damage to the premises on Tuesday night.

The entrance to the police station was completely destroyed. Police officials were forced to hold a press conference behind a table tennis table in a local sports hall.

Local police chief Carina Persson said on Wednesday that the attack was being interpreted as a “very serious attack on society.”

“It targets democracy and the legal system. It’s a serious situation,” Persson said.

She added that fortunately no one was injured during the explosion, to which the background remains unclear. The work of local police remains unaffected.

Regional police boss Patrick Hembrandt said, “You can definitely believe that this is a consequence of our good police work.”

Investigators could not immediately say what kind of explosive materials had been used. Footage from surveillance cameras is currently under close analysis.

Source: Ghana News Agency