Possibility of flooding in the southern sector low – GMA

Accra- The possibility of flooding caused by rainfalls within Southern Ghana, at the current stage of the rainy season, is extremely low.

This is because although the rainy season over the South has not come to an end, it has reached its final stage and is expected to be over within August.

Mr. Michael Padi, Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, told the Ghana News Agency in Accra, that between now and August, Southern Ghana would typically experience long periods of cloudiness with sunny breaks.

He said there would be light rains or drizzles without strong winds.

Mr. Padi, however, said the Northern parts of the country on the other hand was in the peak of its rainy season, and would typically be experiencing strong rainfalls, accompanied by strong winds or storms.

He said unlike the South, rains in the Northern parts of the country Ghana, would continue until October, when the season is expected to come to an end.

Whilst Southern Ghana has two rainy seasons in a year consisting of a major and minor one, Northern Ghana experiences only one major rainy season annually.

Source: Ghana News Agency