Political Activism Is A Choice, Not A Force.

I have been following a number of posts by some dissatisfied youth of the New Patriotic Party venting their spleen on facebook in a way of drawing the attention of leadership about their plight. These have caused members of the fraternity divided over the issue and describing one another using unprintable words that doesn’t auger well for our collective good. It is vital to say that the grassroots need to be adequately briefed in the way the governance of the country is being operated. This is not about sharing booties to party members or the grassroots but updating the grassroots, from time-to-time on the policies of government and what better initiatives currently in the pipeline for them. When that is done, the members find solace in their current predicament whiles championing the course of the party, hoping that something shall be done for them tomorrow.

However, as a serious political party like the NPP, there are laid done structures one needs to follow to have his/her grievances addressed. When you side-stepped what have been properly documented as a problem-solving-channel and resort to the use of social media, the leadership would accordingly help social media to provide you answers. Your grievances might be in good taste in a way of awakening leadership, but how best do you channel it in the best of respect for all to read meaning and wisdom into your call? As a social change enthusiast, political and hardline media activist, I would love my colleague patriots in the New Patriotic Party who are dissatisfied in the way of governance led by our party to consider the scenarios below and be guided accordingly:

1. Political activism is a choice and not a force on any individual. This activism gears towards liberating the people from the shackles of so called democratic rule and not for one’s parochial interest. It might come with benefits but patience drives the benefits. You can choose to belong to any political movement you so desire, the Constitution of Ghana guarantees you such a benefit and no one can question your decision. So, venting your spleen on social media to draw the attention of leadership is not only a misplaced channel but also the surest way to create more enemies and isolation than you might have thought.

2. We have all campaigned for the party in the best of what we could, we have been insulted both on social media platforms and through physical attacks. That doesn’t deter us to continue pushing for the good of the party. We need to see ourselves as patriots of the party and not just mere party members who can say anything about the party without considering the resultant impact such comments might cause the party in the short and long-run. I can confidently say for a fact that I gained zero-benefit since the party came into power. However, it will be uncultured for me to say otherwise about the NPP that has a potential of causing us harm than good going forward. What we need to know is that all of us cannot be sorted-out at the same time and that is why we were born on different dates, months and on different circumstances. Keep praying and your turn shall manifest.

3. Let’s not always wait for political appointees to initiate something for us. Let us trigger the move and seek a pushing hand. In that we can collectively achieve something good with efforts coming from both ends. Let me place on record that all political appointees do have families, relatives and friends who have also suffered and campaigned for the party just like you did. To be frank with each other, on blood-relational syndrome, the appointee is highly likely to succumb to the pressure of his/her blood relatives than the outsider. Even if it were you, you would have done same.

4. No matter what, never pray for the NPP to go into opposition. I believe that if a political appointee wouldn’t assist me in the area that I can also contribute to Ghana’s development, but he will never say the usual opposition language that If we were in power, I would have done this or that for you . I continue to pray to Allah that one day, the benefits or one of the opportunities shall fall for good in my favour. Opposition is the darkest wish to have ever imagined as a politician.

5. The problem of this generational youth is that they consider politics as a life-time profession to journey-on. This view of some youth could be the most unthinkable. Try to be good at a particular field whiles in politics. Don’t keep yourself sustainable by putting all your eggs in one basket. However, politics could only be a life-time job for the sons and daughters of high profile politicians who have already achieved a lot for their sons and daughters. In that, they (sons/daughters of politicians) only come to continue from where their parents left.

Dear party folks, we have come a long way than we might have thought. We need to review the incidences of Chereponi and Talensi bye-election, the peaceful protest by members of Let My Vote Count and accordingly advise ourselves to remain steadfast in pushing for the best governance ideals through the only visionary and competent party led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Source: Modern Ghana