Police inaugurates Emergency Command Centre to strengthen combat readiness

Accra, Mr Ambrose Dery, the Minister of the Interior, Friday inaugurated the Ghana Police Command Centre, at the Police headquarters, to enhance police operations such as emergency call-taking, speedy response to crimes and maintaining peace across the country.

The Centre is equipped with advanced communication gadgets including: CCTV cameras, digital (eLTE 4) trunking network, amongst others, to response quicker to issues such as robbery, vehicular accidents, murder, and fire emergencies across all regions.

The Interior Minister said the Government was committed to supporting the Police Service in its duties and had released funds for the purchase of arms, vehicles and protective clothing.

The total number strength of the Police service, Mr Derry said was about 33,000.

For the population of Ghana, the minimum strength should have been 56, 000, he stated

At 33,000, the police to civilian ratio is 1:848, which is far lower than the UN minimum of 1:500.

The Service, he said, was, therefore, resorting to the digital intervention to mitigate the deficiency, which stood at 23,000 personnel.

Mr Dery, therefore, called on the citizenry to provide information to ease the pressure, explaining, This digital intervention will come to nothing if people do not use the system to bring information to the Police and to let the Police pursue the offenders.

He said the launch of the digital address system and the Inter Ministerial Advisory Committee of Cyber-crime would complement the efforts of the Police in its duties.

Mr David Asante-Apeatu, the Inspector General of Police, said the system would help professionalise police operations towards improving its operational effectiveness in response to its traditional role of maintaining law and order.

Mr Asante-Apeatu said three Police Command centres had been deployed in three cities for call taking, dispatching and coordination.

He said the Command in Accra would cover four regions: Greater Accra, Central, Western and Volta Regions.

The Kumasi Command Centre would cover: Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Eastern Regions, while the Tamale Command Centre would cover Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions.

Additionally, the IGP said a digital dispatching client and CCTV monitoring screen had been deployed in Tema and other seven regional offices to ensure the safety and security of people and properties.

Mr Asante-Apeatu, therefore, cautioned prank callers, saying: Prank callers can be blacklisted from making emergency calls as the system has a function that blocks such numbers.

Let no one play prank with the emergency hotline else the day you will be in real need, your line would have been blocked.

He expressed gratitude to Huawei for their ‘wonderful’ collaboration, which he said, resulted in the Command Centre and also commended the National Security, BNC, NITA, and NCA for their immense support.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Anthony Tenneyson Addo, the Director General of Information and Communication Technology, said the Service was working tirelessly to become a digital police organisation using the best technology to deliver its services.

This, he explained, was through the use of Intelligent Video Surveillance cameras at traffic intersections and other vital installations and geographic information system to enable the police determine the location of its resources on the field.

Source: Ghana News Agency