Police arrest 19 people at Kawukudi Park

Accra, The Accra Regional Police Command Saturday morning arrested 19 people for unlawful assemble and engaging in acts that were likely to occasion the breach of the peace.

The members of the group, led by Mr Bernard Mornah, the Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), were arrested at the Kawukudi Park at Nima in Accra where they had assembled to embark on a demonstration against the advice of the police.

This was in a statement signed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr David Eklu, the Director-General of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, and copied to the Ghana News Agency.

The statement said Mr Mornah had earlier served notice to the police of their intention to embark on a demonstration in support of some Togolese nationals in Ghana who had been agitating for what they termed a change in government in Togo.

It said the police initially indicated their preparedness to provide the required security for the demonstration but based on information it received that another group had planned to disrupt the demonstration as well as other operational exigencies it had to handle, the police advised Mr Mornah to suspend the demonstration.

Mr Mornah, however, failed to heed to the advice and went ahead to organise the group who assembled at Kawukudi Park ready to embark on the demonstration.

The Police Administration is once again appealing to persons or group of persons who intend to embark on any public event, especially during this Christmas period, to cooperate with the police to ensure the security of the demonstrators as well as members of the public, the statement said.

Source: Ghana News Agency