ACCRA, A wildlife officer at the Mole National Park in Ghana’s Northern region has been shot dead by suspected poachers.

The officer was found dead with gunshot injuries.

Umar Farouk, Manager of the Park confirmed the news, but declined to give details due to ongoing Police investigations.

All I can tell you is to confirm what you’ve heard: a staff of the Park has been shot and killed by poachers, he said.

The body had been deposited at the morgue in the government hospital at Damongo, the West Gonja district capital.

Farouk stated that clashes between officers and poachers at the Park are common.

The last time poachers killed an officer at the wildlife sanctuary was in 2002, but since then, many clashes have happened and in most cases casualties were recorded.

Poaching has been the biggest active threat at the largest Mole National Park. Poachers target elephants and antelopes for a lucrative Chinese market in the area.

Officers who have encountered these poachers said they are armed with sophisticated weapons and mostly operate during rainy season when the grasses grow thick to provide hideouts.



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