‘Pilgrimage to Israel should not be politicised’ – Dr Tetteh

Accra, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, an International Evangelist, says he was taken aback by the backlash among Christian leaders about government’s proposal to support members of the faith to embark on a pilgrimage to Israel.

He told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra on Monday that I don’t know the full details of the proposal but I believe a broader consultation on the issue is necessary, and I see no point why the matter should be politiced.

Among those who refused the proposal made by the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs for the pilgrimage to Israel and the Vatican City was the Christian Council of Ghana.

Reverend Dr Opuni Frimpong, the General Secretary of the Council, was reported by the media as saying there was a closed door meeting between the government and the body over the issue but members turned it down.

However Dr Tetteh, President and Founder of the UK-based Worldwide Miracle Outreach, observed that most leaders of the Christian community were resourceful and in better position to embark on such a pilgrimage on their own and so were perhaps embarrassed by the offer.

I have had the opportunity to travel to Israel a number of times since 1988 and I believe countless of my colleagues have also been able to do so.

But the question is what about the many people out there who are yearning to perform the pilgrimage but lack the financial ability to do so?

He said his faith tells him that any Christian who was desirous to visit the Holy Land to see the root of his or her faith should be able to do.

It is spiritually fulfilling to visit Jerusalem or Bethlehem to see where the Saviour Jesus Christ was born, he said.

He noted that the cradle of the Christian faith was connected to Israel.

Dr Tetteh said the offer by the Ministry was not strange since government since time in memorial had supported the National Hajj Committee to organise successful pilgrimages for Muslims who want to visit Mecca-Saudi Arabia, as their faith demanded.

He said there was the need for broad consultation among Christian leaders including the Pentecostals and the Charismatics for a consensus on the proposal.

Source: Ghana News Agency