People must find meaning to life in Church – Ag. Moderator

Danfa – The Reverend Dr. Victor Okoe Abbey, Acting Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana on Sunday said the Church should be a place where people can find meaning to life

He said: A chapel is viewed as a holy place, pointing to where the presence of God is and a place where people came to offer sacrifice to God.

Rev. Dr Abbey was speaking at the dedication ceremony of the Mount Moriah Congregation of the Presbyterian Church chapel building, at Danfa.

He said the Mount Moriah Congregation has in the past few years become a haven for persons seeking to retreat and wait on the Lord.

With the completion of this chapel, I want you to see it as a place of solace and comforttake advantage of your location and organise programmes that will revive the church and draw people close to Christ.

Rev. Daniel Kwasi Ayim, Minister in charge of the Mount Moriah Congregation, said it was like a dream to see the completion of the magnificent chapel estimated to cost GH 700, 000.

He said it had taken four years to complete the chapel building and he could only attribute it to God looking at how small the church was.

May this building be a modern city of refuge for those who are sick and hurting, a place where people will find rest, comfort and encouragement, may this property that God has blessed us with be the house of prayer where God will answer our prayers and provide all our needs, Rev Ayim said

The Mount Moriah Congregation of the Presbyterian Church started on the 14th April 1997 at the Danfa Methodist School, due to some inconveniences, they moved from the school to worship in Nii Afutu Brempong, chief of Danfa’s current house.

Through Nii Afutu Brempong they got to know that the current premises of the church was acquired by the Presbyterian Missionaries and thus mounted a canopy where they worshiped every Sunday.

As the membership grew, it became necessary to construct the new edifice.

The Right Reverend Prof. Emmanuel Martey, Former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana graced the occasion.

Source: Ghana News Agency