“Partnerships for the Goals” should be first SDG

Ho, Mr James Gunu, former Akatsi North District Chief Executive has called for the reorganization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Partnerships for the Goals, prioritized as the first.

He said that was because, the United Nations (UN) could only achieve other SDGs after seeking partnership at the global, transnational, national, institutional, local government and communities.

Mr. Gunu said challenges that nations were facing today demanded multi-sectorial approach and that it was only when countries partnered each other that those challenges could be addressed.

He said it was not too late for the UN to go back and take a critical look at the organization and implementation of the SDGs and make amendments where necessary in 2018.

Mr. Gunu said the decision by the UN to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MGs) with Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 was laudable and urged local governments to draw inspiration from the SDGs, design action plans and achieve them through trust, mutual understanding and consensus building through partnerships.

Mr. Gunu said terrorism and other negative developments in countries like Syria and Libya were major threats to achieving the desired SDGs implementations by 2030, and said partnerships could be the key to those challenges.

Source: Ghana News Agency