Parliamentarians partly to blame for current challenges in Ghana – Nana Akosua Kumankumah

Parliamentarians are the very people who sat in Parliament to supervise the mess we see today, the Chairperson of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Nana Akosua Sarpong Kumankumah has said.

According to her, Parliamentarians are partly to blame for the current challenges in Ghana and the CPP as a party, will not rush to go to parliament.

She also claims the CPP party is waiting for the national elections to present its members to Ghanaians since they are the best.

“So, what is the point in rushing there (Parliament)? We are waiting for the national elections and we will be presenting our people, the Ghanaian, the youth who is frustrated, who’s tired, who has everything it takes and wants to be able to ensure that they’re able to contribute their quota.

“Those are the people that we are waiting for to work with to be able for them to go to parliament and neutralize the situation we have in parliament today,” she asserted.

Nana Akosua Sarpong Kumankumah stressed that if care is not taken, the only places Ghanaians will find parliamentarians agreeing to particular issues will just be ex-gratia which to her they don’t deserve.

“Otherwise the only place we will find them agreeing is in their ex-gratia which we know that they don’t deserve because they have supervised over a mess, a rot and so I expect that they won’t come to say that what they have done which they themselves claim that they have given haircuts to the citizen based on whatever supervision they wrongly did, they shouldn’t come and ask us for any ex-gratia,” she said.

Source: Ghana Web