Paramount Chief of Tumu donates to fight COVID-19

Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton IV, Paramount Chief of the Tumu Traditional Area in the Sissala East Municipality has donated a sum of GH¢2,000 to the Ghana Health Service (GHS), as part of efforts to support the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the area.

The donation which formed part of a fund raising initiative, was meant to gather resources needed for frontline health staff and increase sensitization on radio towards curbing the impact of covid-19 in the Sissala East municipality.

Last Sunday March 29, 2020, Radford FM and the Sissala East Municipal Health Directorate launched an appeal for support towards resourcing the frontline health personnel and other agencies towards curbing the novel coronavirus.

The donation was therefore in fulfillment of the Paramount Chief’s pledge made on Radford FM against the virus.

Mr Godfred Baveru Kanton, who made the donation on behalf of the Paramount Chief, called on other chiefs as well as individuals to support the GHS.

He said “The paramount chief as a leader, who wants to lead by example was actually appealing to his sub-chiefs to come to the aid of the health directorate and Radford FM”.

“You cannot keep on talking to them without showing the way, it is because of this, the chief have asked me to bring the cash in hand as a proof to motivate other chiefs to support the agenda.

Mr Kanton said “though the donation isn’t much it would help the unit to procure some equipment that would facilitate and also boost the confidence of the staffs of the unit to work for the general wellbeing of the municipality”

He said “the disease has ‘no respecter of persons’, it doesn’t matter who you are in society, we have seen vice chancellors of universities, Ministers, deputy Ministers contracting the virus, so we need to boost the confidence of the nurses and other health officials to continue working and sacrificing their life for our survival ”.

Mr Alex Bapula, the Sissala East Municipal Director of health who received the money expressed gratitude to the Paramount Chief, saying “this kind of gesture would help scale up most of the interventions we intend implementing”.

He said “this disease is not a health problem but our problem, so we need to come together to fight it, we are collaborating with our traditional authorities and all who matter in our Municipality to support us in this fight”.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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