Open Letter To H.E. John Mahama

Dear President,

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to you, for the manner your conducted your campaign. Suffice to say, it was a well coordinated campaign and the result shows.

Sir, the last time, I ever came close to you was when you were invited to attend my grandfather, Alhaji Abdullah Fmr. Maliwu NDC Chairman funeral. Growing up, you were, the reference point of decency, modesty, and Hallmark of excellence.

Your Excellency, the 2016 defeat was a turning point for the political dimensions of this country. It is now obvious, your achievements in government remain unparallel.

Sir, I will be sharing a banter I had with a political novice of the other side. His arguments were so elementary to warrant a response from me. But on second thought, I said, these half baked demagogues are part of the reasons we lost the elections. Yes! I mean it.

Even Martin Amidu’s constant attacks on your government were pivoted on perceptions and so-called intelligence. So these rabble rousers went to town with an undesirable tag “incompetence” and forcefully sold it to gullible masses.

So, it became necessary to shred his rehearsed speech. I believe, it was a duty to God and country to correct the wrong perception.

Permit me, to re-echo the successes of Saturday’s elections. The polls were conducted under an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. As for the message of the delegates, it was crystal clear. We needed someone with a track record and proven tenacity to face the NPP at the polls.

It, therefore, affirms my long-held belief and confidence in you. Let us quickly, amend the breaks and pull every soul along. Let us keep the morale high. We shall journey, shoulder to shoulder until victory is realized.

Sir, the turn out during the elections, gives a signal of the expectations of our supporters and by extension the Ghanaian public. It further underscores the Goodwill of this government has suddenly eroded within a short time. Let us not look far for appropriate diction. “If the fundamentals are weak the exchange rate will expose you”

The average Ghanaian, today is tired of the parroting of the VEEP. After all, his economic lectures were meant for thesis and not the downtrodden. What shocks, me till date, is the audacity and eloquence he spoke. What we are asking today, is that, are the fundamentals weak?

Again, the wanton display of state-sponsored terrorism on innocents Ghanaians, at the recent by-elections at A.W.W. Shows how porous our security architecture has become. Public outcry goes on to confirm the urgency with which the electorates wait to vote them out. Maybe we ought to remind them that, setting up a parallel force is unconstitutional and criminal.

Your Excellency, this pundit argued, that, the NDC government was corrupt and that is why Ghanaians rejected us at the polls. You now appreciate is the old tricks and nothing of substance. His presentation was shallow and preposterous. At this time, you should know why I need not glorify it with a response. For him and many others, they were coached, to continuously throw words and phrases around. In fact, it fits well into Justice Dotse’s create, loot and share scheme.

With a clear appreciation of the latest corruption perception index by transparent international which says roughly 45% of Africans are living in poverty whiles $50billion worth of stolen assets are flown out yearly. Also, one in two citizens reported paying a bribe to facilitate a service such as land service in sub-Sahara Africa.

With this hardcore fact before me, I cringe when I heard this footsoldier ranting and throwing tantrums all day. I

soliloquyed; Christ Jesus!

Then came, a Golden opportunity for me to deflate his superfluous arguments. I told him, Fighting corruption needs personal commitment beyond rhetorics. What we see in this government, is a President who has turn the seat of government into a Clearing House. No efforts to making corruption unattractive.

Sir, you have seen it all, we want a quantum jump from the norm. In fact, just copy the style of Rwanda and Tazania and we will be ok.

If for nothing at all, the Ghanaian people expressly abhors corruption whether real or perceived. Young men and women need jobs to earn a


Ultimately, we want to sleep and wake up feeling safe and believing that what we say and write is done in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

We want our towns and cities kept clean. This is basic and won’t need rocket science to achieve.

The current government came into office through lies and phatom promises. However, with the passage of time, it became glaring that those talks were cheap and empty. It has also emerged that, this government is the most bloated in our history since independence.

The arrogance and open display of opulence is most sickening. Even their footsoldiers are not left out. It’s generic when it comes to this nonsense.

The NDC should put up a robust system to police the ballots. Because the only option for our compatriots in government is to steal and short change the will of the masses through the EC Boss.

The mentioning of her name increases my pulsations. Her recent testimony before the “Short commission” exposes her big time. But the good news is that we can surmount it.

Our constitution enjoins us to rise up against any person or group of persons who want to subvert our constitution. So I call on the NDC to keep their eyes on the ball. We can’t trust these descendants of Busia to provide us with Free and credible elections.

If history is something to guide us, can we take a clue from the betrayal of Dr. Nkrumah by fathers of the current occupants of power and do the needful?

Sir, once again congratulations and hoping to hear from you soon.

Source: Modern Ghana