Opare-Ansah explains work of parliament to students

Accra – Mr Frederick Opare-Ansah, Member of Parliament (MP) for Suhum Constituency, has taken some students from second- cycle schools in the constituency through the work of parliament, explaining that political divergence does not mean enmity.

You go to the coffee shop or cafeteria after the house has adjourned or suspended sitting, and you will see MPs in the House, from different political parties or ideologies sharing a meal together, or chatting and discussing issues in a friendly atmosphere. We are not enemies, Mr Opare Ansah said.

Mr Opare-Ansah gave the explanation when a combined group of students from three second �cycle schools in the Suhum Constituency;-Suhum Islamic Senior High School, Suhum Secondary Technical School and Suhum Presby Senior High School, with the facilitation of Ambassadors for Free SHS, a non-governmental organization, visited the House just before it went on recess on August 2, 2019,

The students, accompanied by some of their teachers, sat through the proceedings, after which the MP and some of his colleagues, from both sides of the House engaged them in a conversation.

Mr Opare-Ansah said despite their coming from different parties, consensus building is necessary for a decision of the House to be carried through.

Citing the recently passed Vigilante and Related Offences Bill 2019, the MP, who is also the Chairman of the Parliament’s Committee on Communication, said sometimes a lot of inputs and memoranda from the public are sought and made into a bill before it is passed.

The Legislator stated that the House works in Committees, and the positions of the various members from both the Majority and Minority Sides are considered before committee’s report is finalized.

In the long run, the best interest of the people, who the MPs represent, is what the House wants to achieve.

Mr Opare Ansah advised the students to make the best use of the time spent in school, and study hard to come out with good grades, as well as put up good behaviour as worthy ambassadors of their schools and the nation, explaining that, any time lost cannot be reclaimed.

He told the students that any high or enviable position in the country or elsewhere depends on one’s academic qualification, coupled with good morals.

Mr Opare- Ansah urged the students to strive to excel and be good ambassadors to the Free SHS policy, which he described as a good opportunity for a brighter future,

Source: Ghana News Agency