OccupyGhana Has No Respect for Human Lives

I am very certain that in Ghana, there does not exist any scientific record or data detailing the number of humans, animals and plant species that have perished or perished and literally gone extinct or effectively out of existence, in the nearly 40 years, since 1996, when the late President Jerry John Rawlings-led government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is known to have officially, criminally and massively flooded the country with Chanfang machine-wielding small-scale Galamseyers or illegal miners from China. So, one cannot seriously expect the leaders of the National Democratic Congress, least of all former President John “European Airbus” Dramani Mahama, to have put a stop to this existential menace that threatens to completely eliminate Ghanaian humanity from the very surface of the Earth within a generation or two, if the wantonly predatory and deleterious activities of the marauding Galamsey industry continue inexorably to degrade our ecological system as it is presently going on.

Which is also precisely why it is not the least bit surprising to learn that the recently seismically defeated Candidate Mahama almost successfully campaigned for his ominous return to the Presidency on the unconscionable promise of giving carte-blanche license and opportunity for Galamseyers to relentlessly and apocalyptically lay our entire existence as a civilized modern polity and a nation to waste. Which is also why it comes as absolutely nothing short of capital criminality to hear social and political activists like Mr. Kweku Segbefia virulently carp President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and self-righteously accuse the legendary “Little Man from Kyebi” of being a scofflaw, simply because the former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice has decided to put the existence and long-term survival of the Ghanaian species of humanity above all else, including the law, of course, whose enforcement, by the way, would be practically meaningless in the absence of humans or humanity.

In other words, OccupyGhana leaders and conveners like Mr. Segbefia cannot be taken seriously when they talk about being religiously avid respecters of the law and yet having absolutely no remarkable understanding and appreciation of the fact that the law does not and cannot operate in the absence of humans or humanity. You see, the battle to arrest the existentially destructive impact of Galamsey and, in particular, the genocidal use of the Chinese-made Chanfang excavators is first and foremost about the uncompromisable preservation of human lives. And since the likes of Mr. Segbefia, of the so-called OccupyGhana Civil Society Organization (CSO), scandalously demonstrate in a “Pharisaic” manner that they have far greater respect for the sanctity and integrity of the law than the very humans who made these laws and for whose safety and well-being these laws are meant to serve, one cannot expect them to understand the inviolable value of human lives vis-à-vis the monetary or dollar and cedi cost or value of a Chanfang machine or excavator.

You see, it is only an “appreciator” or one with deep knowledge and appreciation for the value of human lives who can muster the sort of courage it takes for President Akufo-Addo to authorize the military to set any Chanfang excavator found to be polluting our hitherto potable waterbodies in the name of alluvial gold dredging or prospecting ablaze. We need to also concretely bear in mind that it is exclusively Chanfang excavators that are found to be actively and criminally engaged in the pollution of our pristine waterbodies and landed and forestry resources that have been ordered to be set ablaze. What has surprisingly been left out of the heated national debate on illegal small-scale mining is the inextricable fact that in whatever waterbodies these pollutant Chanfang excavators have been found, the rivers and creeks have also been poisoned by the massive and criminal injection of the chemical compounds of mercury and cyanide, which has resulted in cancer-causing illnesses and other forms of fatal diseases for any humans and animals unfortunate enough to have ingested the poisoned waters of these creeks and streams.

So, what we are really talking about here is a carcinogenic cocktail of legions of diseases. It is only sociopolitical activists who woefully lack common sense and moral and cultural self-worth who would take issue with clearly the most effective antidote yet to be implemented by Nana Akufo-Addo to definitively arrest the existential menace that is the Chanfang excavator-engineered illegal small-scale mining. Then there is also this lame-brained attempt to scapegoat the infamous Chinese Galamseyer demimonde by the name of Aisha Huang, since deported, as being the radical or original cause of the Galamsey industrial menace. The fact of the matter is that Aisha Huang is a veritable and vintage product of the National Democratic Congress-brewed collective national suicide that is the Chanfang excavator-engineered Galamsey predatory quarry or industry.

It goes without saying that the leaders of the National Democratic Congress, foremost among them Mr. Kwame Gonja, know fully well that they are in very deep trouble, because going into Election 2024, they know that they cannot cheaply wave or dangle the commercially tempting but criminal and suicidal activity of Galamsey as a parliament-hanging fetching electoral chip. This is precisely why these crooked NDC politicians and apparatchiks are wriggling with anger and desperation like maggots being chased out of a burning rotten log. Kwame Gonja and his minions and hangers-on know that “The Little Man from Kyebi,” the Galamsey capital of Ghana, has definitively given the lie to their game and, with the latter, effectively ended their running campaign of nation-wrecking deception.

Source: Modern Ghana