Obey rules and regulations governing Ramadan, UW Chief Imam

Wa Muslims have been urged to stay away from all forms of social vices and also control their utterances as they observe the 2018 Ramada period.

Islamic worshippers, particularly the youth, have also been told to live in unity with non-Muslims, cooperate with each other and rally behind one another during and after the fasting period for peaceful coexistence.

Alhaji Baba Dawud, the Spokesperson for the Upper West Regional (UWR) Chief Imam told the Ghana News Agency in an interview said: I will advise all to comport and abide by rules and regulations of Ramadan such that you can be rewarded abundantly, but if they violate any of the rules, you will render your fast null and void.

He said Ramadan was associated with worship, prolonged prayers, Quranic recitation and commentary of the Holy Quran (Taphsir) which required Muslims to exercise maximum patience and endurance.

Muslims and non-Muslims were also called upon to cooperate and support their brothers and Sisters going through the fasting time to facilitate joyful and fruitful 2018 Ramadan.

Muslims in the Upper West begun fasting on Thursday in accordance to the Islamic calculations of the moon being sighted anywhere.

The Chief Imam through his spokesperson called on heads of departments and directors to allow Muslim workers to observe their prayers when the time was due during working hours.

Departmental heads and directors should permit Muslim working in their offices to go for ‘Taphsir’ which normally begins at 4:00 pm when request for permission, he said.

He however, cautioned Muslim workers not to take advantage of the Ramadan as an excuse for not carrying out their legitimate or assigned duties.

Source: Ghana News Agency