Nyaho Medical Centre opens health hub to test DNA Fits

Accra� The Nyaho Medical Centre has opened a Health Hub, an in house medical facility to check the DNA Fit of its clients and provide them with health and diet guidelines essential for their wellbeing.

The hub, was established to provide clients of the Centre with medical guidelines and healthcare on living the right lifestyles according to one’s genetic system to live healthily.

Dr Elikem Tamaklo, Managing Director of the Centre addressing the attendees at the opening ceremony on Thursday said even though health screening was an important step in ensuring the health of everyone, prevention is the key.

He said: How do we get people to be concerned about their health such as quitting drinking, smoking and others? It is not easy.

Therefore he disclosed that the Centre had partnered with health institutions from Hong Kong and Canada to provide assistance on testing DNA fit by collecting and transporting some samples of particles from the client’s mouth to be tested by these institutions.

Dr Tamaklo explained that results from the DNA Fit which showed the genetic profile of the client would determine what foods a person should take and the activities a person should indulge in to stay fit and healthy for long a period.

I did it and was told if I take in carbohydrate, I will gain weight and if I take in cholesterol, I will not gain weight because I have enzymes that are capable of breaking down cholesterol. I also found out caffeine isn’t bad for me, however, it increases blood pressure and heart beat in some people, he said.

He said the cost involved in testing for one’s DNA fit and other services that are associated with it at approximately between $250 and $270.

Dr Tamaklo noted that the Centre did not only render services at costs but sometimes give free services to their clients and the general public as a whole adding, that among such services included partnering with some stakeholders to provide health advice to the general public periodically and sponsoring some emergent health problems of some of the general public.

With the terms of payment at the facility, Dr Tamaklo noted that the Centre was working together with some telecom companies and financial institutions to give clients who were unable to pay instantly to spread their payment within 12 months, and they wanted many people to access t and benefit from their services.

Nana Pokua Appafram, Human Resource Director of the Centre noted that making simple changes could make a big difference in one’s life including empowering people to take active roles in their health, which could significantly help to reduce healthcare cost.

She therefore explained that the Hub would give their clients reasons to live in particular ways when it comes to what they engage in and what they do with their bodies in order to live longer as they follow experts’ advice.

Dr Osa Olayemi, Deputy Medical Director of the Centre advised the general public to be cautious about their intake of foods to live healthy lives.

Speaking on the numerous weight loss supplements and medicines being advertised across the country currently, Dr Olayemi advised the general public to desist from recommendations by friends and family members to try them for good effects.

She stressed that every individual had a different body system and therefore what could be good for someone may not necessarily be good for the other.

Source: Ghana News Agency