Nurses reminded of professional ethics

Bolgatanga (U/E), Nurses of the Upper East Regional Hospital in Bolgatanga, have undergone a four-day in-service training to remind them of the profession’s ethics and procedures.

The nurses were taken through ethics of the profession, documentation and nursing procedures.

Madam Margaret Azusiyinne, a Deputy Director of Nursing Services (DDNS) and a tutor at the Bolgatanga Nurses Training College, who spoke on the ethics of the Nursing Profession, urged them to adjust to the rules of the profession and be mindful of the language they use while attending to patients.

She urged them to respect the dignity and uniqueness of every patient and insisted that nurses must not attend to patients based on their physical appearance, do not look at the physical appearance of the patients before attending to them, She said.

Madam Azusiyinne asked the nurses to protect the privacy of every patient and to safeguard the confidentiality of clients, warning that a patient’s medical condition should never be discussed among them on social media.

There is no lying in the profession, when you lie, you kill, she said and implored them to always give accurate information on patients when handing over to the next batch of staff on duty.

She charged them to critically assess the patient’s vital signs and chart them properly devoid of chart free that is charting without assessing vital signs.

Madam Azusiyinne said patients were disturbed by the noise and unnecessary arguments nurses engaged in on the wards and advised them to always maintain a serene environment to enable the patients rest.

She called on them to show respect to one another, and conceded that though there were some bad nuts in the profession who were tarnishing its image, there were equally very good nurses in the system.

The DDNS entreated nurses to adhere to the professional dress code, wear decent hair styles befitting of the profession without putting on jewellery, keep their finger nails trimmed, and asked male nurses not to wear beard.

Mr Prince Ibrahim Abu, the Hospital’s Training Coordinator, disclosed that an assessment tool known as Matron 360 used to assess the work of nurses in the facility revealed that they performed their daily procedures without any documentation to show for it.

He said the tool was used weekly to assess performances of nurses and to ensure that resources were available for nurses to carry out their work effectively.

Mr Abu was hopeful the refresher training would serve as a wakeup call to nurses and reflect in the care they were rendering at their various units to the benefit of patients.

Source: Ghana News Agency