Nunya Foundation donates Ewe reading books to Keta-Dzelukope EP Basic School

Nunya Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in the Volta region has donated reading materials to Keta Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) basic school in the Keta Municipality on Thursday December 9.


The items donated were reading books for primary one to Junior High School. Books untitled “kulexɔme, Amedro étɔlia,Nunyamɔ,Blewu kple Azizawo,Gã le dzeƒe dzim,Akpakpaxe kple Afɔmizi” among others were donated.


The books were Ewe novels to boost reading, writing and proficiency in the Ewe language.


Mr Christian Zogli, the chairman of the NGO told ModernGhana news that the gesture was to strengthen and improve reading, writing and speaking of the Ewe language.


According to him, there was a bigger droped in Ewe speaking even among the real Voltarians who were supposed to promote the language.


“Our main aim is to promote the speaking of Eʋe language, since it is our mother language and we must be proud of it,” he added.


Mr Zogli stated that the novels donated aside helping the students read and speak correct proficiently will help in the promotion and marketing of the language.


Mr William Kodzo, the headmaster of the Keta-Dzelukope basic school who received the items on behalf of the teachers and students thanked the NGO for the kind gesture.


He promised they will use the books judiciously to improve and promote reading, writing and speaking of the Ewe language.


Mr Sekorme Kɔsi Kwawu, a parent who was at the gathering in interaction with ModernGhana news thanked the group for their support in helping push forward the language.


He urged the teachers and students to take good care of the books for others to also benefit.


He expressed worried about how most Voltarians stick to other peoples language whilst refusing to be proud of theirs.


Mr Setor further urged and appealed to all Ewe speaking natives to promote the language through speaking.


“Eʋe is a international language which is been speak abroad, and we must be proud of it,” he stated.


There were poetry recitals, story telling, Ew novels reading among others by students of the school to show how important and precious the language is to them.


Parents, teacher, students and many more others witnessed the occasion.

Source: Modern Ghana

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