NPP Regional Chairman calls for employment of more Nzemas into Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industry

The Western Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP),Mr Ndede Siah has made a passionate appeal to the Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) and the Petroleum Hub Development Corporation (PHDC) Board to employ more Nzemas and other indigenes from the Western Region into the Ghana Gas company and the emerging National Petroleum Hub Project.

He lamented that the Local Content Policy (LCP) which gave a certain quota of employment to those around the catchment area of the Oil and Gas project, has not been respected.

Mr Ndede Siah was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on the sidelines after a Stakeholder Engagement forum by the Petroleum Hub Development Corporation (PHDC) Board in Takoradi.

He expressed wary over few Nzemas working at Ghana Gas with majority of the workforce coming from abroad.

Mr.Siah admitted that “though not all people in Nzema should be employed to do the work, yet a sizeable number of Nzemas should be considered in that they would bear the direct impact in times of health hazards”.

He reminded the Petroleum Hub Development Corporation (PHDC) Board to train more Nzemas for employment opportunities in the Hub and dismissed the assertion that “people in Nzema are not educated”.

The NPP Regional Chairman called for a database that would aid the Board to hand pick people in the area for employment.

Mr.Siah was worried that people in the oil and gas enclave continued to heap insults on the leadership in the Nzema area and the Western Region for not helping them to get jobs in the oil and gas business.

He sounded a note of caution to the management of Ghana Gas that Nzemas have given peace a chance, adding that elsewhere, the people would have run out of patience to give way to chaos at Ghana Gas.

He said the leadership in the Western Region and Nzemas would not keep quiet on issues about the emerging Petroleum Hub Project but would fight to ensure that the Local Content Policy was adhered to.

Source: Ghana News Agency